Balto’s Rescue: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Balto_CLEAs you may or may not know, eight years ago I began a story series based on Universal Picture’s Balto.  This month, the final episode will be released – the “Ugly” ending.  Each ending stands on its own, and is designed to suit people with different taste – hopefully I mostly cover what people wanted to see with this story.  This one kind of got away from me, which is why it took so long to finish.

Sometimes I feel like George R.R. Martin!

The Lion Queen: Nala’s Story

simba31I’ve been playing around with a Lion King midquel about Nala’s adolescence, and am going to begin work on it soon.  It will also make a reasonable prequel to Nala’s Test.  I wish I knew the sources of all the images in my gallery, but I do not.  If I am informed of the source, I will gladly give due credit.  Let me know what you think of this story idea – maybe with enough interest, it will be released by December 1st!  Alternatively, I have a nice, quick one-shot with kangaroos…

My Visual Inspiration

Here is a second post!  Isn’t Van Gogh inspiring?


I’ve always found high contrasts visually stunning, and Van Gogh was a master of high-contrast artwork.  When I see a painting like this, it is hard for me not to stare into it and lose myself, almost like my brain is overloading.  I’ve only just discovered this painting, which is my new favorite Van Gogh – look at the ripples in the water with the muddy reflections.  He’s known for a loose style with large brushstrokes, but here, he reserves those painterly strokes for the water, with crisp, bold lines on the bridge.  I want to ride that boat beneath that bridge.

So good.

Sometimes I wonder if high contrasts define my life.  I love the sound of rain drops, the sharp sound interspersed with silence.  My favorite textures are velour or corduroy, or wet stones on the shore.  My favorite foods involve intense, sometimes-conflicting flavors, the spicy, sweet, or bitter flavors of vegetables and peppers, salt and cilantro.

Perhaps these dichotomies transfer over into my writing as well.  Maybe I focus on the bittersweet, the dark, or the joyous because I crave that feeling of a sudden change in emotion – the pit in your stomach, the tears welling behind the eyelids, or the gentle satisfaction of a difficult goal finally reached.

What do you think?