Backstage Pass

By Tim O'RourkeThat kangaroo one-shot won out over the Lion Queen this month because it was easier to write.  Stay tuned for TLK fanfiction, though, I definitely keep on thinking about it.  Backstage Pass is now available to Gold members at the forum for one week, before being posted to SoFurry for everyone.  Go enjoy it!  Leave some comments!

The Lion Queen: Nala’s Story

simba31I’ve been playing around with a Lion King midquel about Nala’s adolescence, and am going to begin work on it soon.  It will also make a reasonable prequel to Nala’s Test.  I wish I knew the sources of all the images in my gallery, but I do not.  If I am informed of the source, I will gladly give due credit.  Let me know what you think of this story idea – maybe with enough interest, it will be released by December 1st!  Alternatively, I have a nice, quick one-shot with kangaroos…

Transformation, Dogtaurs, and…

by Dotoro
Double Date – By Dotoro

This month I’m on track thanks to Thanksgiving break!  I was very far behind on my writing at the beginning of the month due to school stress, but now I’ve got 8-10 pages written on various stories with a 5-day weekend coming up.  I’ve got a sequel for Ida coming, as well as a story based on Nari Kitsune’s recent YCH post, which has no bidders yet!  To celebrate all the free time I have for writing, I’m starting up this blog in full.  I should be posting once per week (on the weekend), and I’ll try to be deep, funny, or informative every post.

But sometimes I’ll fail.