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Fascinated with furry fiction?  Tired of your passion constantly being aimed at children?  I will use your support to continue to write the high-quality, plot-twist-filled, character-based furry stories that you’ve grown to love.  Your financial support is absolutely vital to supplement my meager salary at my full-time job.  To make ends meet, I must write commissions with the majority of my free time, and not every story is posted publicly.

With over 230 stories in 7 years, over 2000 watchers, and over 1.2 million page views I am one of the most prolific anthropomorphic story writers ever.  Thanks to this Patreon, I am now able to release at least three stories a month, including a new chapter of my novel bimonthly (every two months) only viewable to patrons.  While I consider a 3,000 word story the minimum, I’ve been averaging 10,000 words so far!  With enough support, my future goals include attending more furry conventions, writing more novels, and even being able to quit my job and write full-time!  I’m scraping and saving everything I can and paying down my debts as I look toward financial solvency.

You too can become a supporter!  Just go to and pledge your support, or follow one of the handy links along the left.  Leave a comment!  I want to make your experience a great one.

-Thakur Cat